Ads for After school programme

Why is that your kids’ school schedule can never quite line up with your work?

Your boss has you on a project that’ll take you you well past when their final bell rings.

You can’t clock out until EXACTLY 5pm.

Maybe you do get out right when they do, but you have to grab groceries, swing by the dry cleaners or even just have a few moments to catch a breath and reset for the 2nd half of your day. (Because a mom’s work is never done!)

This may sound odd, but ever think your kids want to be at school a few extra hours? Some extra time with their friends, a chance to concentrate on homework, and don’t forget the snacks!! (We’ve got healthy options, mom :wink: Click the link below to get more info on (insert school name and program name) and we’ll give you the first month free just to see how much you (and the kiddo) love it!