Apache Hbase Training | WSQ Courses

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Apache Hbase is NoSQL and Columnar database and is a distributed, scalable big data store. This Training explains how to design Tables, Regions, Accessing data in Tables, Schema design, Hbase architecture, Performance Tunning, Administration .You will learn to how Hbase stores rows, How column families work, How version work with Hbase, How to invoke Hbase shell, How to get information using shell, Create tables, Using shell to access data, How regions work, Understand how crash and recovery works, How a region server splits a region, How to define schema for locality, How to detect and prevent hot spots Configuration

Course Highlights

  • Overview of Hbase
  • Hbase Data Model
  • Hbase shell
  • Hbase Architecture
  • Schema Design
  • Hbase Administration


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tertiary Courses after achieved at least 75% attendance.

Funding and Grant Applications

No funding is available for this course.


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