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Tableau is a great data visualisation software that can help anyone see and understand their data. You can connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualisations, and share with a click using Tableau. In this basic Tableau course, you can learn how to to analyse and present data using this powerful data visualisation software. You will also learn to install Tableau, import data sources, join data sources, create and manipulate data visualisations, visual analytics, parameter calculation

Course Highlights:

  • Connecting to a data source
  • Joining related data sources
  • Creating visualizations
  • Creating custom calculations and fields
  • Crosstabs
  • Pivoting data
  • Merging and joining data
  • Highlighting data


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tertiary Courses after achieved at least 75% attendance.


We are not affiliated with Tableau. This course does not certify that you as Tableau Certified User. We use Tableau Public only for training purpose of this course and focus on data visualization concepts and techniques.

Funding and Grant Applications

Click the links below to apply. Note that you need to register the course first.

SkillsFuture Credit

For individuals, please submit your SkillsFuture Credit

SSG TG and AP Application

For companies, please fill up the SSG Training Grant Application Form after you have registered for this course

Please do not pay up front. We will advise you on the eligibility and nett fee after registration


Eligible NTUC members can apply for 50% cash rebate of the unfunded fee from UTAP, capped at $250 per year. Click here to submit UTAP


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