For Discussion

where the “integrative negotiation” can be used in the workplace

how to prepare for a cross-culture negotiation

traits of a good negotiator

which role step up when the relationship between the parties are compromised due to conflict

making concessions in bargaining, what should you do:

Select one answer:

  1. Send the right message
  2. Give value
  3. Be patient
  4. All the above

which is not a useful tip for a collaborative negotiator?

Select one answer:

  1. Do not reveal too much information (correct)
  2. Stay focused on the goal
  3. Do not give in at the expense of your objectives
  4. None of the above

Tell purposes of team formation to support negotiation objectives?

What are the past precedents that affect current and future negotiations?

Tell one benefit of the conflict-handling styles you used in the role-play.

why proper negotiation documentation is relevant to your organisation?

how can you achieve a better outcome.

You have been tasked by your company to look into involving in a negotiation to meet the organisation’s desired position. Please read the case study to get more information such as the parties’ background, their negotiation objectives or position.

Identify organisation’s desired negotiation outcome.

Based on case study provided:

  1. State the context of negotiation
  2. Identify the desired negotiation outcome
  3. Explain why (Self Reflection)
    Suggested answers:
  • Context of negotiation (Any 2)
     Decide negotiation type (Distributive, Integrative)
     Decide negotiation setting
     Decide negotiation seating arrangements
  • Desired negotiation outcome (Any 2)
     Define SMART objectives (Specific, Measureable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time-specific)
     Set a point on target range (Target, Acceptance, Initial offer, Resistance points)
     Prepare BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)

Based on case study provided:

  1. Describe background information
  2. Describe other parties’ negotiation position
    Suggested answers: (All)
     What are the objectives of the companies?
     What is the target range and BATNA of the companies?
     What is the area of potential agreement?
     What are the possible outcomes?

Record negotiations.

(refer to Learner’s Workbook PP1 to PP2)
Based on case study provided:

  1. Record the negotiation processes
  2. Report the negotiation outcome
  3. Reflection on what to do to achieve a better outcome

Describe background information

Describe other parties’ negotiation position.

Reflect on what to do to achieve a better outcome. (Self-Reflection)