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In this 2 days Google Analytics training course, the topics will cover from the basic fundamentals to the advanced techniques on using Google Analytics to analyse the performance of your digital marketing channels, visitor segmentation and their digital journey. This course focuses on using real-life business examples and hands-on practical exercises to guide you in understanding how web analytics can serve as a powerful insights tool for digital businesses.


  • Improve individual’s proficiency in Google Analytics, and assists them in making better well-informed decisions
  • Encourage individuals to analyse analytics data and derive actionables from insights

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Web Analytics Comparison: Page Tagging v.s. Log File Analysis
  • Limitations of Google Analytics
  • Setting up Google Analytics Account, Property & Views
  • How Google Analytics count session visits?
  • Common use of referral exclusion
  • Linking Google AdWords, Google Search Console with Google Analytics
  • Creating conversion goals
  • Creating custom channel groupings
  • Tracking campaign performance
  • Measure website page load performance
  • Create event tracking
  • Setting up ecommerce tracking & enhanced ecommerce
  • Use of filters, segments, content groups, custom reports, custom dimensions, custom metrics,
  • Understanding attribution model – how Google Analytics assign credit for conversion goals to marketing channels
  • Use of Content Experiments to conduct simple A/B testing
  • Use customer segments as remarketing audience list for Google AdWords
  • Create tags in Google Tag Manager to fire off on your website


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Tertiary Courses after achieved at least 75% attendance.

Funding and Grant Applications

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SkillsFuture Credit

For individuals, please submit your SkillsFuture Credit

SSG TG and AP Application

For companies, please fill up the SSG Training Grant Application Form after you have registered for this course

Please do not pay up front. We will advise


Eligible NTUC members can apply for 50% cash rebate of the unfunded fee from UTAP, capped at $250 per year. Click here to submit UTAP

For WSQ funding, please checkout the details at NICF Market Research Using Google Analytics 4 (GA4)


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