how much does fake unofficial transcript cost?

how much does fake unofficial transcript cost?
It’s all about best fake degree certificate maker online.

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一、what’s the benefits of buying fake diplomas?
Affordable and Cost-Effective
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二、Is it a crime to fake a degree?
Producing and Owning a Fake Diploma Is Fine

That isn’t a crime — the person may just want to frame it, or use it as a prop for something. The only way fake diploma manufacturers can get in trouble is if they try to work with a school to make them authentic.
三、Can someone verify your degree?
Through an education background check, employers can validate the following: An applicant’s degree, diploma, or credentials. Their graduation or completion date. Their major.
四、How often do companies check education?
Only 53% of employers always check job candidates’ education credentials. Slightly more than half of the employers surveyed, 53%, always verify the education credentials listed on a job applicant’s resume. Among the rest, 24% sometimes check applicants’ education records, while 23% never do.
五、How do I create a certificate template?
How to create a certificate template in Word
1.Open the Word document. …
2.Format page layout. …
3.Select certificate colour. …
4.Insert page border. …
5.Insert text. …
6.Add and adjust text and graphics. …
7.Insert pictures or logos. …
8.Insert signatures.
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