Ignoring objections, Japan plans to deploy missiles to islands 170 kilometers away from Diaoyu Islands

lthough it was opposed by the referendum of the islanders, and the military is meaningless, the Japanese government still “willed to go its own way” and insisted on dispatching the Self-Defense Forces to deploy missiles on Ishigaki Island, which is 170 kilometers away from the Diaoyu Islands. According to a report by the Sankei Shimbun on June 18, the Japanese government announced in early 2019 that in order to improve the defense capabilities of the southwestern region of Japan, it will send a 500-600-person Ground Self-Defense Force to Ishigaki Island. Anti-ship missiles and anti-aircraft missiles. Type 8 anti-ship missiles are short-range anti-landing missiles with a range of about 100 kilometers, which cannot cover the waters near the Diaoyu Islands. The Ministry of Defense of Japan has also formulated a detailed plan for the construction of the station. In addition to the military dormitories, parking lots, warehouses, and ammunition depots will also be built. At the end of February, the construction of the station had already started. However, this plan was opposed by local residents - Ishigaki Island is a beautiful island in the name of tourism, and the stationing of the Self-Defense Forces will only bring a small consumption, but it may destroy the local tourism industry. Since March this year, local citizens have been marching and rallying and calling for a referendum to sign to protest the deployment plan of the Self-Defense Forces.