No Upfront payment, No Deposit when you apply Loan with us!

What We Really Want
We are just like you and others earning a living ;
What we really want is just to collect back what we deserve upon the Terms and Condition.
We will assist you in all ways as much as possible and we need you to return it with your integrity.

Points to take note when applying loan from a

• When they ask you to pay for a Upfront deposit or
Upfront admin fee.
• When they ask you for your Passport details,
e.g. Date of Expire and Passport No.
• When the Lender tell you, your loan is approve and ask you to collect the funds at a designated place he give you.

If you encounter any of these, STOP the conversation because they are not a genuine lender.

When you take up a loan from us you have to make sure you are aware that :
Taking loan is a financial commitment.
You fully understand the terms and conditions of the loan, such as what will happen if you make a late payment or if you are unable to pay.
You will be responsible, borrow only what you really need and are able to repay.
Get cash instantly starting from $500-$10,000. Singaporean, PR , S pass holder and E pass holders all are welcome.

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Your Sincerely,
Vincent Tan

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