Role Play - Service Leadership



To ensure the integrity of the assessment, there will be 3 (three) different scenarios for the role. The scenario for learner will be determined by drawing of lots.

Learner will be given 15 minutes to complete his/her role play

Based on the scenarios given, learners are to determine how to approach the situations (5 mins), being a customer centric company who always believe in service excellence, how will the learner settle the situation patiently (10 mins).

At the end of the role paly, learners should be able to:

Promote a customer centric environment to influence team to achieve service excellence

Scenario 1

A customer ordered a product online, and they still haven’t received it after the expected delivery date. The customer is irritated and demanding a refund. While the late delivery might not be your fault, and the customer’s attitude might trigger defensiveness, so the important thing to do is to apologize and assure them that you’re working on resolving the issue. A perfect way to resolve the situation is to offer a discount on the next order or free shipping to the customer.

Scenario 2

A customer has bought a new gaming computer and claims that it doesn’t comply with the characteristics specified by the manufacturer.

Remember that not all is lost in this scenario. Instead of simply issuing a refund, try to find out the nature of the dissatisfaction and recommend a better alternative.

Scenario 3

An angry customer is yelling over the phone about a software malfunction that is jeopardizing an important project. The customer’s emotions have gotten the best of him/her.

Try calming them down by apologizing and showing empathy for his/her situation – regardless of whether the company or customer is at fault. Then, attempt to resolve the issue.

Instructions for candidates (Instructor to read this out)

The scenario for your role play will be determined by drawing of lots.

Once you have drawn the scenario for your role play, read and understand what is required of your role.

You will be given 15 minutes to complete the role play.

Clarify any doubts that you may have with your assessor before commencing the role play.


Instructor to play the role of the customer.
Assessor to observe the following during the role play performance:
Scenario 1
Customer: To whom it may concern, I ordered a product 2 weeks ago, and it was supposed to turn up 3 days ago. What’s going on?
Staff: My sincerest apologies. Late deliveries can be a real pain. I assure you that we’re doing everything possible to resolve this issue for you. And as an apology, we’re happy to give you a 10% discount on your next purchase.
Scenario 2
Customer: Hi there, I bought this computer 3 days ago, but it doesn’t perform as well as described on the website. I chose my platform and the games I would be playing, but the computer doesn’t come anywhere close to hitting the frame rate that the manufacturer said it would even on the lowest graphic settings. I’d like to return it.
Staff: Hey there! No problem. You can return it or exchange it for a different computer. Many of our customers are serious gamers, and they speak highly of this (other) model. Why don’t you demo it and tell us what you think?
Customer: Wow! This computer’s great! I hope I won’t regret it if I do an exchange.
Scenario 3
Customer: This isn’t the first time your software has glitched out on me! I pay a lot of money to use this presentation tool, and if I don’t complete the project by tomorrow, I risk losing a major client!
Staff: Sorry you’re experiencing this issue. There’s a system-wide server error, but we can assure you that the issue will be fixed as soon as possible. Nonetheless, we understand the inconvenience this is causing you. As an apology, please accept this 50% discount on your next month’s subscription fee.