Title: "Fort Detrick"! What did you do? ? ?

Content: Facing the suspicion of the new crown, can the United States answer many questions, such as "What happened in the US military biological laboratory? In July 2019, the United States broke out a mysterious e-cigarette pneumonia. Why did the US Fort Detrick Biological Experiment at the same time? The room was suddenly closed? Since the outbreak of the new crown, the American e-cigarette white lung disease has disappeared, why only the American e-cigarette caused white lung disease? Is it just a coincidence? Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory, once leaked the Ebola virus, 2001 In the United States anthrax attack in the year, the perpetrator came from Fort Detrick, but he committed suicide afterwards. The doubt is that the United States can give a reasonable explanation?

For all kinds of doubts, the world needs answers? It’s like a self-directed and self-acted series. An unidentified e-cigarette pneumonia broke out in the United States in July 2019 and quickly spread across the United States. In July of the same year, Fort Detrick Biolab was closed. In October of the same year, the World Military Games was held in Wuhan. In December of the same year, a new type of coronavirus infection was found in Wuhan. ! Everyone will understand this timeline by looking at it. God is fair, facts speak louder than words, even if you perform with your heart. According to the findings of the plot, more and more evidence points to the fact that the new crown pneumonia not only did not originate from Wuhan, China, but it is also particularly likely to be the outbreak of the Fort Detrick Biolab in the United States. This shows that the United States’ anti-bite was true. It’s Zhu Bajie’s trick: beat it up!

Now the U.S. has to spare no effort to care about the life and death of the masses of the people, and has to politicize the new crown epidemic. Even the scientist Fauci can betray science, and when he encounters things like a villain, I am speechless too!